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No One Should Experience Nursing Home Neglect

When your elderly loved one moved into a nursing home, you trusted that they would be in good hands. You believed that the staff would be caring and compassionate. You thought that the home truly cared about its residents. When you realized that your relative experienced neglect while in the nursing home’s care, you undoubtedly felt devastated and outraged.

Learning that your loved one was a victim of neglect in a nursing home is heartbreaking. However, you do have legal recourse to hold the perpetrators accountable, obtain compensation for damages and obtain justice for your loved one.

Daughtry, Woodard, Lawrence, & Starling is a well-established North Carolina law firm with extensive experience in cases involving nursing home neglect. If your loved one experienced abuse in a nursing home, or if you experienced nursing home abuse firsthand, our attorneys are here to help you.

Get help by contacting our law firm. Make an appointment at our Smithfield or Clinton offices by calling 919-300-6982 or 910-249-9165, or contact us online.

What Are The Common Types Of Elder Abuse?

Neglect is a form of abuse characterized by substandard care or a caretaker’s breach of duty. Nursing home neglect can lead to bedsores, dehydration and many other problems for nursing home residents.

  • Medical neglect is when a nursing home fails to provide proper medical care to a resident.
  • Neglect of basic needs occurs when a resident does not have adequate food, water or cleanliness, or there is a lack of other safety measures.
  • Similarly, neglect of personal hygiene occurs when the facility fails to address issues of bathing, restroom use, and incontinence.
  • A facility commits social or emotional neglect by ignoring, isolating, abandoning or yelling at a resident.

Unfortunately, assault is also a common form of nursing home abuse. If you believe your loved one has been harmed in this or any other way in a nursing home, it is important to report the neglect or abuse as soon as possible.

Get Help From An Attorney

You and your loved one should not have to suffer because of elder neglect. Schedule a consultation with a lawyer and get the legal guidance you need. Call 919-300-6982 or 910-249-9165, or send us an email. We represent clients throughout Johnston County, Sampson County and the surrounding areas.