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The attorneys of Daughtry, Woodard, Lawrence, & Starling
The attorneys of Daughtry, Woodard, Lawrence, & Starling

We Help Motorcycle Riders Get Compensation For Injuries

After experiencing a motorcycle accident, you may feel overwhelmed and alone. First, there are your physical injuries that may require years of recovery. Then, there is the complicated and discouraging process of dealing with the insurance company. In addition, you may have to navigate an exceedingly complex legal system to obtain the full financial compensation you deserve.

You do not have to go through this alone. At Daughtry, Woodard, Lawrence, & Starling our capable attorneys can guide you every step of the way. Because we have been in practice since 1969, we have extensive and detailed knowledge of injury law, medical law, and insurance law. If you want to maximize your medical and financial recovery, you should have us on your side.

Do you need legal assistance after a motorcycle accident? Schedule a consultation at our convenient Smithfield or Clinton locations.

We Understand The Issues Relevant To Biker Injuries

Despite longstanding campaigns to encourage drivers to start paying attention to motorcyclists, many accidents are still caused by drivers who fail to see riders who are simply following the rules of the road.

For example, motorcycle accidents often happen because of car and truck drivers:

  • Turn left in front of an oncoming motorcycle;
  • Illegally change lanes;
  • Follow motorcycles too closely; or
  • Fail to use side and rearview mirrors

Additionally, insurance companies are notorious for trying to shift blame for accidents onto motorcyclists. We know how to fight back against such tactics and we have an outstanding record of getting positive results for our clients.

The Strength Of A Large Firm, The Compassion Of A Small One

Our team of attorneys offers the experience and power of a large law firm, while also providing the one-on-one attention of a small firm. Our attorneys are aggressive advocates as well as compassionate confidantes. We genuinely care about our clients’ well-being. Combine that compassion with our long-established reputation as a successful firm and you will have representation that is both effective and personalized.

Contact An Experienced Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

The team at Daughtry, Woodard, Lawrence, & Starling can represent you if you have been in a motorcycle accident. Contact one of our North Carolina offices for an appointment. We represent clients throughout Johnston County, Sampson County and the surrounding areas. Call 919-300-6982 or 910-249-9165, or contact us online. We can help.