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Protecting finances before the impact of a divorce

When people are questioning whether or not to divorce their spouse in North Carolina, their immediate efforts to gain some control over their financial situation is imperative to their ability to reduce the impact of their divorce on the stability of their finances. This type of control does not mean one person trying to take over, but rather each individual's recognition of their financial standing and individual ways they can prepare for the consequences that divorce will create for their financial situation. 

Helping your adoptive child feel at home in your family

Recently, you have received word that the child you have been fostering is going to become part of your family through the adoption process in North Carolina. This much-anticipated transition is something that your whole family has been looking forward to and you are eager to understand how to make this process both effective and genuine. At Daughtry, Woodard, Lawrence & Starling, we are committed to helping families with the things that matter most to them. 

When divorce affects other aspects of your life

For some people, divorce can be a challenging process, bringing courtroom stress, financial concerns about alimony or property division and fears regarding custody and how the divorce may affect kids. However, it is very important to remember that divorce can affect other aspects of life as well, both on a professional and personal level. For example, someone may experience problems at work due to their divorce or they may lose interest in activities and hobbies that they have enjoyed for many years.

Custody disputes, depression and other emotional challenges

For parents who are going through a child custody dispute, the ordeal can be very overwhelming emotionally. Parents may worry about their child’s future and how the outcome of the dispute could affect their child’s emotional state, and they may also be concerned about how their relationship with their child will be impacted by the court’s decision. This emotional strain can be very debilitating, and some parents find themselves virtually unable to function because of the intense emotions that they are dealing with, such as anger, anxiety and depression.

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