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Unsafe Driving Practices Put Motorcyclists at Risk

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motorcyclists in North Carolina enjoy some of the most beautiful natural scenery that the country has to offer. From sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean to rustic mountain paths through the Blue Ridge, motorcyclists can take in all the state’s beauty without the obstructions or glare of windows. The freedom that comes from riding a motorcycle is unmatched by any other form of road-based transportation, but for their independence motorcyclists often face serious threats: many vehicle drivers fail to prioritize their safety when sharing the roads with motorcyclists.

Accidents between motorcycles and cars happen for many reasons, but one of the most common causes of these often-dangerous encounters is driver inattentiveness. Drivers who fail to check their blind spots and mirrors can miss small motorcycles in their lines of vision and drive into them when they fail to check for their presences.

Drivers may suffer from another dangerous problem when sharing the roads with motorcyclists – visual recognition. Visual recognition refers to the ability of a driver to pick out a motorcycle when behind the wheel of their vehicle. Drivers must constantly assess changing weather conditions, roads that rise and turn with the terrain, and the actions of other motorists. They may not be prepared to look for motorcycles which are relatively small when compared to other roadway travelers. The failure to have visual recognition and awareness for motorcycles and their riders can lead to dangerous collisions.

Drivers of all motorized vehicles should be vigilant when operating their cars, trucks, SUVS, and motorcycles. Attention to one’s surroundings can help prevent collisions between automobiles and motorcycles, but sadly not all drivers take the necessary steps to keep others on the roads out of harm’s way. When motorcycle accidents happen, victims may have rights to compensation. They can contact their trusted motorcycle accident attorneys for case-specific guidance and support.