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Why trucking accidents occur

When large trucks collide with smaller passenger vehicles, the later usually gets the brunt of the damage. This makes sense considering that passenger vehicles usually weigh around 4,000 pounds and 18-wheelers weigh around 80,000 pounds. North Carolina residents may be interested in learning some of the most prevalent causes behind these accidents.

Staying focused while driving means eliminating distractions

When people sit behind the driver's seat and prepare to operate their vehicle in North Carolina, they undertake the responsibility of being attentive, responsible and respectful so that they can protect themselves, their passengers and other motorists on the road. Unfortunately, there are plenty of distractions to withdraw from a person's ability to be vigilant. If not managed appropriately, these distractions can be incredibly dangerous and life-altering. 

Understanding negligent entrustment

Holding one accountable for causing a car accident in Smithfield may seem difficult, yet it may be necessary in order for you to get the compensation needed to adequately deal with the expenses you might be left with. Yet oftentimes the issue of liability is not exactly "cut-and-dry." For example, many come to us here at Daughtry, Woodard, Larence & Starling questioning who is liable in cases where the driver who caused the accident was using a borrowed vehicle. The answer to that question depends entirely on the unique circumstances of the incident. 

Taking legal action after a crash and the statute of limitations

After a motor vehicle collision, all sorts of questions may surface for victims and those they love. For example, people may be unsure of what to do about the wreck, and whether or not legal action is an avenue that should be explored. To make things more complicated, many people are dealing with other hardships during this time, such as painful injuries and financial costs due to medical care. For some car crash victims, legal action is extremely important and filing suit can help them restore some of what they have lost. However, it is crucial to be mindful of the statute of limitations.

When road rage turns deadly

North Carolina motorists are used to sharing the road with motorcyclists, tractor trailers and other vehicles. The busy streets, however, can be frustrating to those who are on their way to work or are rushing to an important appointment. Data released by AAA showed that nearly 80 percent of drivers across the country admit to engaging in aggressive driving at some point in their life. It can be easy to get caught up in rushing from place to place, that people may forget about the importance of safety and the rules of the road. It is in these situations that deadly car accidents occur.

Can good tires protect you from a car accident?

Maintaining your vehicle may seem monotonous at times or even inconvenient if it means you are unable to drive it temporarily. Depending on the part of your vehicle that you are doing maintenance on, you could be facing a rather considerable expense. However, keeping your vehicle in working order is more than a worthwhile consideration, it can directly affect your safety as you travel in North Carolina. 

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