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Why summer is a dangerous time for teen drivers

On Behalf of | May 20, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Summer will soon be upon us, and with it comes a time of enhanced risk for teenage drivers. What is it about the next few months that makes them more hazardous for young drivers?

Part of it is their inexperience, but that factor exists during the other nine months of the year. Below are some factors that can help explain the reasons why teens face higher risks of vehicular injury or even death over the summer.

Teens typically are out of school

Some teens may be attending summer school classes to get their diplomas and others might get a jump-start on their college educations by taking a course or two over the summer break. But in general, most teens are out of school through most or all of June – August.

That means they will be on the roads more, meeting up with friends at the mall, driving to and from summer jobs or maybe even road-tripping with pals to the beach.

Roads are congested

It’s not just teen drivers clogging the streets and highways. Families head out in droves for vacation spots all over the map, contributing to traffic congestion and accidents. It’s wise to add extra time to get to your destination during peak travel times.

It’s a celebratory time

From the Memorial Day weekend to the Fourth of July and bookended by Labor Day, summer’s major holidays give teens and adults alike plenty of reasons to celebrate and get together with family and friends. Unfortunately, many equate partying with drinking and taking illegal drugs, making them a hazard on the highway.

If you get injured in an accident

If you were hurt in a collision caused by an at-fault driver, our attorneys can help you recover financial compensation for your damages, losses and injuries.