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The 5 drug schedules explained

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2023 | Criminal Defense

Someone who is caught with illicit drugs could be charged with drug possession. Drug possession can lead to severe fines, incarceration and a criminal history. 

The penalties for drug possession can become more severe depending on the Schedule of the drug. A drug schedule is a legal classification of the severity of the drug. There are five kinds of drug schedules. Here’s what you should know about each one:

Schedule V drugs

Drugs found in stores or pharmacy shelves are often considered the least addictive, which is why they are categorized as Schedule V drugs. Schedule V drugs can include cough medicine or antiepileptic agents. 

Schedule IV drugs

Drugs with a low chance of dependency and abuse, including Valium, Xanax and Ambien are considered Schedule IV drugs. These drugs can be bought in stores with prescriptions 

Schedule III drugs

Steroids and testosterone are classified as Schedule III drugs. Schedule III drugs can greatly benefit people, but it does have a higher risk of addiction and abuse than Schedule I and II drugs. These drugs are often only used for medical purposes in hospitals. 

Schedule II drugs

A Schedule II drug can include cocaine, PCP and morphine. Some doctors use Schedule II drugs under supervision because of their high potential for abuse. However, there are very few reasons to use Schedule II drugs outside of hospitals.

Schedule I drugs

The highest and most dangerous form of drug is Schedule I. Schedule I drugs may include LSD, heroin and peyote. People who have used Schedule I drugs and become severely dependent have experienced withdrawal effects and neurological changes, and these are said to have no or low medicinal value.

Being charged with drug possession can greatly affect a person’s life. People who are facing criminal drug possession charges may need to learn how they can create a legal defense.