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Can you gift someone a gun?

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2023 | Criminal Defense

As the holiday season approaches, you might start brainstorming ideas for your gift list. If you know that a friend or family member has a passion for shooting, hunting or collecting guns, a firearm could make for a memorable and meaningful gift. However, before gifting anyone a gun, there are several legal considerations to keep in mind.

Who can receive a gun in North Carolina?

Generally, North Carolina has no laws prohibiting you from gifting a gun or buying a gun for someone who lives within the state. However, you must consider whether this person can legally receive or possess firearms in the first place.

At the minimum, the recipient must be over 18. Minors cannot possess or carry a handgun. Moreover, selling, giving or transferring a handgun to a minor outside the accepted situations can result in a felony. However, there are no age restrictions to possess rifles or shotguns.

It’s crucial that the gift recipient understands the legal responsibilities of owning a gun. Therefore, you’d need to ensure that the receiver of your firearm gift possesses a Concealed Carry Handgun Permit. This permit requires applicants to pass a background check, complete a training class and meet other criteria.

More importantly, the recipient of the gun must be a law-abiding citizen. Giving a gun to someone with a history of crime could subject you to serious legal trouble.

Ensuring the safety of your recipient

A firearm can be an extraordinary gift, whether a brand-new piece or a cherished family heirloom. However, ensuring that the recipient will handle your gift responsibly is important. If you have any reservations about them owning a firearm, it might be wise to consider a different gift. Conversely, answering their concerns and guiding them to the appropriate resources can help ensure their safety and that of others.