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Understand the effects of your SCI

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Back injuries are serious, and the results can be catastrophic when they affect your spinal column. When you sustain a spinal cord injury, minor or severe, you often have months of recovery and a lifetime of a new normal to anticipate.

Understanding the outcomes of certain SCIs may help you prepare for this reality and identify what you need when pursuing a compensation case.

Severing sensations along the spinal column

As Disabled-World.com describes, an SCI may result in full paralysis or partial sensory loss depending on your injury.

A complete SCI results in the loss of sensation and motor ability below the lesion. Quadriplegia is when a person suffers paralysis in all four limbs. Paraplegia is when a person suffers paralysis in their lower half.

An incomplete SCI results in partial loss of sensation and motor function.

An anterior cord injury is damage to the front of your spinal cord and while it may affect the sensation of pain, temperature or touch, it often leaves motor function unaffected.

Back injuries and beyond

There are 33 bones along your spinal column. Fractures, dislocation and even bruising to your spinal cord may require expensive surgery and long recovery. When this happens as the result of a catastrophic motor vehicle accident due to negligence, there may be options to help recover the financial costs while you adjust to the physical costs.

You have access to help and resources to assist you as navigate this complicated subject. Contact our firm for more information about your options.