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Child support, poverty and the IV-D program

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2023 | Family Law

Child support plays an important role with respect to the financial well-being of children, and you should handle any child support issues you face carefully. If you have to pay support, it is crucial to make payments on time and in full, not only to help your kids but also to avoid significant penalties. Additionally, if the other parent is not paying the support they owe, you should take a close look at the options on the table.

Unfortunately, some custodial parents and children live in poverty. Additionally, financial challenges can prevent non-custodial parents from paying support even if they want to.

Statistics on child support payments

The Administration for Children and Families states that during 2018, about 60% of custodial parents with kids younger than 21 received services through the IV-D child support program. Mothers accounted for 90% of the custodial parents who received services, and fathers accounted for 38% of the custodial parents to whom the IV-D program did not provide services. Moreover, 57% of parents who had a child support order through this program received payments in 2017, and the average amount of child support paid was $5,381.

Statistics on poverty and child support

According to the ACF, under 30% of custodial children ineligible to receive payments through the IV-D program lived in or near poverty during 2017. However, among children receiving child support through the IV-D program, about 61% lived in or near poverty.

Clearly, many custodial parents and children struggle with poverty, which can adversely affect families in many ways. If you find yourself struggling with financial hardships and child support matters, it is especially important to understand your options for your child’s sake. Feel free to browse through our site and reach out for more information on child support.