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Is your business partner cheating you?

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2022 | Business Law

Going into business nowadays usually requires knowledge, determination, skill and capital. If you do not possess all of these individually, you might have little choice but to work with business partners. Picking the right partners is not something you should take lightly, of course, as the success of your venture might depend on them.

Seemingly good business partners go bad from time to time. While being lazy or irresponsible might irritate you, you should not let your partners get away with cheating you. Here are some signs that might be happening.


According to LinkedIn, trust is a vital component of any successful business partnership. This makes sense, as you must be able to trust your partners to put the interests of the venture over their personal ones. If your business partners show more loyalty to themselves than to your partnership, they might be willing to cheat you.


To make your business venture a success, you need access to certain information. If your partners keep the business’s books secret or refuse to give you other relevant information, they may be up to something nefarious. Unfortunately, secrecy might also be a cover for illegal activity.

Behavioral changes

If you work closely with your business partners, you might think you know them well. You certainly have the opportunity to observe their behaviors. Sudden changes in behaviors can indicate cheating, though. This is especially true if your partners’ new behaviors harm you or your business.

Ultimately, because you do not want to work with anyone who cheats you, you likely need to act quickly to protect both your interests and your company.