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How does a DWI interfere in financial aid?

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Getting a DWI may cause numerous problems for a student. Not only could it interfere with a student’s ability to pursue the career of their dreams, but it may end their ability to attend college altogether.

This is due to the potential financial risks that a DWI poses. But these risks may not come in the form a person expects.

Federal and private financial aid loss

Federal Student Aid discusses the requirements for students with a criminal history. Though students with a DWI due to alcohol will have some eligibility, students facing charges for drug use – including marijuana – may not have the same luck.

On top of that, many private financial awards, scholarships, prizes and more come with terms of use and user agreements. Many of these institutions do not want any association with students who have a criminal record, so they likely write clauses into their scholarships and other financial support with termination terms.

DWI convictions may very well have an inclusion in these termination terms, meaning a person could lose their private financial support as well.

Potential additional expenditures

On top of that, schools can also decide to ban a student from using on-campus housing if they get a DWI. Because of that, they have to shell out for off-campus housing instead, which is often prohibitively expensive.

Combined, these financial hurdles may make it difficult or even impossible for a student to attend school. This is why it is important to fight against DWI charges before they can turn into a conviction and permanently affect a student’s life.