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Which back injuries are likely to occur during a car accident?

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

During an accident, your body remains in motion as the car collides with an object. Until your body makes an impact with the airbag or seat belt, it does not stop. A violent stop can lead to back injuries.

Some of the soreness related to severe back injuries does not occur immediately. You may overlook the extent of your damage without medical treatment until you attempt to perform daily activities and realize the pain associated with the movements. According to Alexander Orthopaedic Associates, various injuries can occur following a motor vehicle accident.

Herniated discs

In an accident, the discs shift and compress nerves in your back. Other terms for herniated discs include ruptured, slipped or bulging discs. The disc will rub against the nerves and can cause weakness to spread through your body or result in burning or numbness.

Spinal fractures

Fractures are among the most severe injuries. After an accident, paramedics may keep you immobile as an extra precaution. Fractures can occur to any of the 33 bones within your spinal cord, including:

  • Dislocation is where the fracture causes the dislocation of vertebrae.
  • Compression fractures or small breaks in the bones from extensive pressure.
  • Burst fractures are when multiple vertebrae or parts of vertebrae suffer crushing injuries where fragments scatter.
  • Flexion fractures when fractures occur in the posterior or middle columns.

A spinal fracture could result in paralysis.

Back sprains

If the soft tissue in your back stretches and causes damage, this is a strain. Strains refer to tendons that connect muscles to bone. On the other hand, a sprain is a damage to the ligaments in your back. Sprains and strains cause pain that can make daily functions difficult.

Injuries to your back can be among the most severe and lifechanging injuries faced during a car accident.