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Missing child support payments and your passport

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2022 | Family Law

Whether you owe back child support and worry about the consequences that could lie ahead or you have uncertainty with respect to your ability to keep making payments on time, it is important to understand your options and the penalties you could encounter. Not only can unpaid child support affect your tax refund, driving privileges and freedom (some parents face time behind bars), but you could lose your passport as well.

If you worry about the loss of your passport privileges, take a closer look at this issue and do everything in your power to satisfy child support obligations.

Passport revocation due to back child support

The Administration for Children and Families states that when a non-custodial parent owes more than $2,500 in back child support, they cannot obtain a U.S. passport. If your back child support exceeds this amount, the government will reject your passport application. In addition, they could revoke your current passport if you hand it over to change your name or add pages.

Paying child support and protecting your passport

If you have lost your passport privileges due to unpaid child support, you can make payment arrangements with the child support agency in your state. The process varies from state to state, with some accepting payment plans and partial payments while others demand payment in full.

In addition to paying unpaid child support, you could benefit from looking at child support modification if your financial situation has changed considerably due to losing your job or another factor. Modifying your child support order could help you stay current and protect your passport privileges. Make sure you review modification and information on other child support issues closely.