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How can a DWI affect your professional career?

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2022 | Criminal Defense

When you get behind the wheel, you hardly think that your entire life might be about to change. If an officer stops you and charges you with driving while intoxicated, however, you might start to worry about how this will affect you personally and professionally.

You might face jail time and fines if the court convicts you of a DWI. Even with a successful criminal defense, though, your career and reputation might not come through unscathed.

Will your professional reputation suffer?

The severity of your DWI charge may be a factor in how your colleagues and clients view you afterward. There are varying levels of DWI misdemeanors, with a severe level-one conviction being the most likely to negatively impact your reputation. This charge may show up on future background checks and could affect your business practice if you rely on client trust.

Will your employer fire you?

Many employers might see a worker with a DWI or other criminal charge as a liability. If you work closely with children, or if your position is particularly public-facing, you might be under greater risk of termination. While a DWI itself is not necessarily grounds for termination in every profession, be aware that the possibility could exist depending on your situation.

The immediate and long-term consequences of a DWI charge can be overwhelming, but you do not have to accept judgment without fair advocation for your rights. Please get in touch with our law firm today to discuss your legal defense options.