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Authorities suspect recklessness causes fatal Charlotte collision

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

It may go without saying that car accidents in North Carolina leave much for those impacted by them to sort through. There are the immediate effects (such as injuries, vehicle repairs and property damage), as well as potential long-term consequences (recuperative costs and/or loss of earnings).

Accident victims must consider how to best handle these issues. Oftentimes only legal action (through a liability claim) can adequately provide the relief they need. Seeking such action becomes all the more difficult if and when victims know the person that caused their accident.

One killed, several injured in single-car crash in Charlotte

One assumes that such a relationship exists between those involved in single-car collisions. According to the local CBS News affiliate, such an accident recently occurred in Charlotte. Authorities responded to reports of a crash to find a burning station wagon that witnesses say lost control and collided with a tree. Officials say that a combination of speed and driver impairment factored into the collision. The driver himself died in the crash, as did one of the passengers. First responders rushed the remaining two passengers to a local hospital for treatment.

Accountability for reckless behavior

Should authorities’ suspicions prove true in this case (and others like it), many might agree that the irresponsibility of reckless drivers opens themselves up to liability. Yet what point might there be to seeking compensation from one killed in a collision? Such action may seem frivolous to some. However, while they are not able to offer such compensation themselves, car accident victims may seek it from their estate. Any seeking such compensation following a car accident may contact our firm for more information.