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4 driver behaviors that may put motorcyclists at risk

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

While auto and truck drivers must obey the same traffic laws as motorcyclists, even a relatively minor mistake on the part of a motorist may easily prove deadly for a biker.

Unfortunately, many collisions between motor vehicles and motorcycles happen because the driver either did not see the motorcyclist or failed to exercise appropriate caution.

1. Failing to check for non-auto traffic

Because motorcycles are less common and less visible than other vehicles on the road, motorists often fail to notice them. This may happen even if the driver looks in the correct direction, and can be especially dangerous at intersections, when changing lanes and when making left-hand turns.

2. Not using mirrors

An auto’s rear- and side-view mirrors are essential for monitoring surrounding traffic. Drivers who fail to check mirrors and monitor their vehicle’s blind spots may easily overlook the presence of a motorcyclist.

3. Neglecting proper signal use

Like drivers of other vehicles, motorcyclists rely on turn signals to anticipate changes in traffic. When a motorist does not signal an intention to change lanes or merge, the biker may not have time to react safely.

4. Following too closely

Motorcyclists may need to stop, slow down or change lane position quickly to avoid potential hazards, such as road debris, slippery surfaces, potholes, railroad tracks or grooved pavement.

Injuries after a motorcycle collision are often catastrophic. Bikers and their families should know that they may be able to receive needed compensation for medical bills, lost wages and other damage done. To learn more about pursuing a successful claim, contact our firm today.