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North Carolina work zone crashes injured 6,542 people in 2019

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Road construction is often a source of annoyance, but construction zones are also common sites for North Carolina car wrecks. The state’s construction zones have become so hazardous for motorists that they now see thousands of injury- or fatality-involved crashes every year. 

Per the North Carolina Department of Transportation, there were a total of 7,029 work zone car crashes in North Carolina in 2019. Those crashes injured 6,542 people and caused 30 traffic fatalities, raising questions about what communities statewide should do to lower these numbers. 

Work zone crash contributors

The majority of work zone car wrecks occur in clear, dry weather and during daylight hours. This suggests that it is the conditions created by the construction and other motorists, rather than environmental factors, that contribute to most crashes. 

Construction-related hazards such as loose gravel or poorly marked detours may cause crashes. Drivers who are negligent when navigating these work zones also play a role in many work zone wrecks. Sometimes, it is a driver’s decision to speed or drive under the influence that causes crashes in these areas. Other times, driver distraction factors in. 

Work zone crash prevention

You may be able to lower your crash risks in construction zones by always abiding by the speed limit. Be vigilant when looking for workers or flaggers in the roadway, and tap your brakes several times when coming to a stop so others are aware of your next move. 

The majority of North Carolina work zone car crashes take place in urban areas. However, these construction zones also create many crash hazards in rural areas.