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I am in an accident: should the other driver help me?

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

You are in emotional distress because another vehicle hit yours while you were out driving on a North Carolina highway. You may have even suffered injury from the collision. But then the motorist who struck you drives away without bothering to render aid. This development makes you fear more for your situation. 

State law is very clear that hit and runs are illegal. In fact, if you suffer injury from a motor vehicle accident, the driver who struck you has an obligation to stay and help you out. 

Stopping in case of an accident

According to state law, if a driver becomes involved in an auto accident and has reasonable knowledge that the accident has caused damage to property or serious injury or death to other persons, the driver must stop his or her car immediately at the scene. 

If another driver hits you, that driver must provide you with his or her name, address, driver license number and license plate number. The other driver must then remain at the scene until a police officer shows up and completes an investigation or gives permission for the other driver to leave. The law only permits the other driver to go if staying there increases the danger of injury for anyone involved at the scene. 

Rendering aid after an accident

If you are mentally alert and physically able, you will likely have no problem receiving information from the driver who hit you. But if you suffered serious injury or are unconscious, the driver who hit you must render reasonable assistance. This includes calling for paramedics if you ask for it or if you are unconscious and need medical help immediately. 

You may suffer more from a hit and run accident than if the driver had stuck around to help you. If you have experienced this kind of turmoil, consider contacting our law firm to learn more about your options.