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Motor vehicle accidents may increase with risky behavior

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

In North Carolina and throughout the United States, there are inherent dangers on the road. Whether it is a driver who is distracted, is under the influence, operates a vehicle recklessly, is drowsy or is simply inexperienced, motor vehicle accidents can happen without warning. The danger is exacerbated by the incremental return to normalcy on the nation’s roadways.

Since many have not been driving as much due to the ongoing health concerns, they are believed to be prone to reverting to unsafe behaviors. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety presented new information regarding driving dangers. According to them, drivers are behaving in ways that place themselves and others in jeopardy. Often, drivers will admit that they are aware of the potential problems with behaviors like texting and driving, but still do it.

AAA’s Traffic Safety Culture Index used information from 2,714 drivers who were 16 or older and had driven at least once in the previous month. It said drivers who had an accident in the prior two years had a substantially greater chance of driving at excessive speeds and texting behind the wheel. Drivers said they knew distracted driving, aggressive driving and committing DWI could cause an accident, but said they had done it themselves in the prior 30 days.

For people who had an accident recently, the incidents of poor driving behavior were starker. Half said they spoke on a handheld device while driving; 43% said they texted behind the wheel; and 39% said they ran a red light. Collisions did not dissuade them from behaving in dangerous ways. Although AAA found that a rising number of drivers were focusing on safety when compared to 2018, these issues remain worrisome.

Motor vehicle accidents are one of the most common causes for untimely deaths in the United States. Even if people involved in an accident survive, there is a chance they will suffer catastrophic injuries that can change their lives forever. Spinal cord injuries, brain trauma, broken bones, disfigurement – all can come about after traffic accident. In addition to the medical expenses, there may be lost time at work and the accompanying income reduction. A legal filing may help with recovering compensation for all that was lost. Discussing the case with legal professionals experienced in motor vehicle accidents can provide information and guidance with how to move forward.