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Is there a silver lining to divorce?

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2019 | Uncategorized

Those couples who are in the throes of acrimonious divorces may not see the light at the end of the tunnel as a welcoming beacon for the new lives they will be free to lead after the process has run its course.

It’s certainly understandable to be upset at the idea of your marriage ending. Even if you were the one to file the petition to divorce, it’s likely that you have some mixed feelings regarding splitting up with your spouse. If you are struggling to find the silver lining in your divorce, below are some perspectives that could help you re-establish your equilibrium following divorce.

You have a second shot a happiness

Your marriage may have been foundering for awhile, and that can cast a pall over not just your own relationship but the whole family’s peace of mind and happiness.

Kids will no longer witness your fights

Whether the children saw and heard crockery shattering and screaming bouts or tiptoed through icy silences between their parents, it caused them unnecessary stress as witnesses to your dysfunctional relationship.

No more lies or gaslighting over infidelities

While it is painful to accept that your spouse has been stepping out on you, having the truth finally out in the open can be very liberating — for both spouses.

Family ties can be mended

Sometimes, extended family members distance themselves from a loved one because their spouse is just too difficult to engage with. Once the marriage ends, those bonds can strengthen once again.

Make a bucket list — and start checking things off

What have you always wanted to do but couldn’t because you were married? Whether it’s hiking the Appalachian Trail or learning Italian during a six-week immersion course in Tuscany, once freed of the bonds of marriage, you’re free to embark on these adventures.

Make sure to protect yourself legally

Anyone contemplating divorce needs to be aware of their legal rights and responsibilities under the laws of the state of North Carolina. Before you take any action regarding ending your marriage, seek the counsel of a North Carolina family law attorney.