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Is speeding really that dangerous?

On Behalf of | May 31, 2019 | Uncategorized

Some of the dangers associated with traveling at a fast speed were recognized early in history. The first speed-limit law in the United States was set in in 1652 to prohibit wagons, carts and sleighs from being driven at a gallop within what would eventually become New York City. In 1901, Connecticut passed the first state law regulating the allowed speed limit of motor vehicles. The speed limit was set at just 12 miles per hour in cities.

Today, speed limits are common throughout the country, but many drivers choose to ignore speed limit laws. Drivers who are caught speeding often blame their behavior on traffic congestion and running late. However, speeding can result in much more serious consequences than being late or receiving a speeding ticket.

What other consequences are associated with speeding?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration(NHTSA), speeding caused over 9,700 deaths in 2017, in addition to numerous injuries. Other consequences of speeding can include:

  • Reduced effectiveness of your protection equipment
  • An increased chance of losing control of your vehicle
  • A longer distance required to stop
  • A more severe crash, if you are involved in one

How can I avoid being in a speed-related crash?

Making sure you do not drive over the speed limit or faster than conditions allow may be the best way to prevent being involved in a speed-related crash. However, you may also consider taking appropriate steps to avoid a collision with another driver who may be speeding.

If you encounter someone speeding:

  • Allow that person to pass you as safely as possible
  • Keep plenty of space between you and the speeding driver
  • Call law enforcement if a speeding driver begins following or harassing you

If you are injured in a crash caused by a speeding or otherwise reckless driver, it may be appropriate to take legal action. With the help of an experienced legal team, you may be able to receive compensation for your medical expenses and other costs associated with your injury.