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Creating a parenting plan that minimizes conflict

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2019 | Uncategorized

When going through a breakup as a parent, it can be easy to worry that your child will suffer. While children can suffer with pain and sadness as a result of parental inconsistencies and broken relationships, it does not have to be this way.

As their parent, you can make sure that your child remains in a safe and loving environment. It is important to remember that a child is likely to be happier when parents are separated but thriving than when they are together but in conflict.

There is no need to feel guilty about divorce or separation. Instead, you should consider ways that you can make arrangements for your child through the use of a parenting plan.

What is a parenting plan?

A parenting plan is a document drafted by caregivers of the child — usually the parents. It aims to put practices and arrangements in place that can facilitate a harmonious and structured parent-child relationship. Moreover, it helps to avoid future conflicts that could lead to confusion or turmoil for the child.

What specifics does a parenting plan address?

A parenting plan in North Carolina can address as much or as little as you need. Generally speaking, a parenting plan will address the custody arrangement and weekly routine that a child will follow. Child support payment calculations should be included, as well as an agreement for modifying payments at later dates. Many parents also want to include details about how custody exchanges will take place.

The specific issues to address will probably depend on the challenges that you have previously faced with your child. For example, if your child has had health issues in the past, you should include details about this in the parenting plan, and the protocol that should be followed if an issue occurs.

You may also want to write discipline and reward guidelines to ensure that both you and the other parent are in agreement regarding the way that you raise your child.

If you want to ensure that your child does not suffer after your divorce, a parenting plan can successfully aid in this. It is important that you understand how to draft an effective plan with the help of experienced professionals in family law like the firm of Daughtry, Woodard, Lawrence & Starling. Call or email us today to get started on a smooth path forward with the kids you love and wish to nurture as best as you possibly can.