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When road rage turns deadly

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

North Carolina motorists are used to sharing the road with motorcyclists, tractor trailers and other vehicles. The busy streets, however, can be frustrating to those who are on their way to work or are rushing to an important appointment. Data released by AAA showed that nearly 80 percent of drivers across the country admit to engaging in aggressive driving at some point in their life. It can be easy to get caught up in rushing from place to place, that people may forget about the importance of safety and the rules of the road. It is in these situations that deadly car accidents occur.

It is important that drivers are able to spot the signs of an aggressive driver, so they can avoid becoming involved in a catastrophic car accident. Signs of a road raged driver may include the following:

  •          Speeding and racing other vehicles
  •          Erratic horn honking, yelling obscenities and using hand gestures
  •          Switching between lanes, cutting off other vehicles
  •          Pulling out in front of other vehicles
  •          Running through traffic lights, signs and pedestrian crosswalks

Drivers with road rage may not see other vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists or hazards in the road quickly enough to avoid a deadly collision. They may become so enraged that they actually hit into other cars or get into a physical altercation with another driver. Motorists who witness these driving behaviors should alert law enforcement, so they can take care of the problem before it escalates. By confronting the road raged driver, law officers may be able to circumvent the problem and save lives as a result.